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Introducing TruAge™, the revolutionary predictor of biological age – the true measure of cellular vitality. By assessing diverse biomarkers, biological age reflects your cellular condition. Employing cutting-edge technology and an advanced algorithm, we analyze specific DNA regions, accurately estimating your biological age.


Discover the actual age of your cells, unveiling your true age!

• Address your health to reverse these markers – a pivotal factor in the aging process.

• Biological age excels in predicting health span (wellness) and lifespan (longevity), surpassing prior molecular biomarkers. It correlates with various health aspects, such as fitness, socio-economic status, and drug history.


Unlock insights into your cellular well-being with TruAge™ – your key to understanding and enhancing your vitality.



    • TruAge Test kit that you complete at home and ship back to the lab in a pre-paid shipping envelope
    • 1-hour consultation with Heather Fitzgerald RD to review results
    • allow 5 to 7 business days for kit to arrive

    • The results take between 2-3 weeks to come in

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