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About Strategic Nutrition

At Strategic Nutrition, we specialize in functional medicine, metabolic disorders, micronutrient and hormone deficiencies. Our team of experts is dedicated to improving your overall health and wellness. We take a holistic approach to healthcare and believe that personalized nutrition and lifestyle changes can have a significant impact on your health. Our mission is to help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing through a customized approach that fits your unique needs.

Our Team

Meet Heather Fitzgerald, RD

Meet Heather Fitzgerald, a dedicated Registered Dietitian (R.D.) with over 20 years of experience in Medical Nutrition Therapy. Heather obtained her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Michigan State University and furthered her expertise through intensive training and an internship program with an eating disorder specialist in Manhattan Beach, CA.

For the past two decades, Heather has excelled in her practice, focusing on treating patients with Eating Disorders in her prestigious Beverly Hills private practice. Her passion for holistic wellness extends beyond individual care, as she has also trained private chefs and Nutritionists for therapeutic diets in private medical practices and corporate wellness programs. Additionally, Heather consults for clients in the Entertainment Industry, catering to studios and celebrities both on-location and for short-term travel.

Heather's broad knowledge encompasses Endocrine Disorders, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement, and Functional Medicine, where she expertly uses nutrients for disease prevention and treatment. Her comprehensive dietary and nutrition protocols, including behavior modification tools and natural therapies, are actively employed in her private practice and referenced during professional consulting for integrative physicians in Los Angeles.

Employing a Holistic Approach to Nutrition, Heather leverages diverse diagnostic testing for precise assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of her patients. She seeks to identify the root causes of imbalances and works to restore harmony. Her progressive testing methods encompass intracellular vitamin and mineral testing, adrenal saliva testing, skin allergy testing, urine neurotransmitter testing, and advanced cardiovascular blood testing for cardiac risk evaluation. She also offers Food & Environmental Antibody/Allergy Testing, Urine testing for toxic heavy metals, and standard blood testing of endocrine markers. Heather has developed progressive dietary therapies and treatment plans for a wide range of conditions, including Autism, Alzheimer’s, Cardiovascular Disease, Food Allergies, Depression, Menopause, and Heavy Metal Toxicity.

Beyond her impressive credentials, Heather's true inspiration comes from educating and empowering her patients about their bodies. She believes in providing alternative and non-conventional treatments and therapies that promote whole-body wellness and a higher quality of life. Collaborating with Kristen Davis, P.A., MPH, Heather shares a vision of holistic well-being and advocates for education and action to maintain health, youthfulness, and vitality. Her contributions as a contributing editor for esteemed magazines, a nutrition consultant on Fit TV's Fit, Resort & Spa, and appearances on KTLA News & KABC News demonstrate her commitment to spreading awareness and promoting healthier lifestyles. Additionally, Heather has been instrumental in consulting and managing R.D. services for the Biggest Loser Fitness Resorts.

Kristen Davis P.A. MPH, MS, PA

Meet Kristen Davis, a certified Physician Assistant (P.A.) with over a decade of experience in medicine. Kristen pursued her passion for healthcare by completing a dual Master of Public Health and Physician Assistant program at the esteemed George Washington University in Washington D.C.

Her journey in medicine led her to become a skilled surgical physician assistant, where she realized the importance of focusing on self-care and nutritional health to optimize patient outcomes and recovery. Kristen's commitment to holistic care aligns perfectly with the vision of Strategic Nutrition and Holistic Therapies.

Driven by a desire to contribute more to her patients' overall well-being, Kristen transitioned from the operating room to focus on whole-body wellness as her primary role. As a healthcare professional and a mother of two young children, she understands the challenges of maintaining a balanced quality of life. Kristen aims to empower her patients by imparting knowledge about the crucial connection between health and nutrition, enabling them to make informed choices for their well-being.

Larry Greene, MBA, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach

Meet Larry Greene a lifestyle and wellness coach!  

Larry is a born entrepreneur, with an innate drive to strike deals, pioneer new ventures, and chart his own course in the world. He's a versatile, results-oriented individual who excels at juggling multiple tasks, working collaboratively, and optimizing timelines. Larry hails from a lineage rooted in high performance, unwavering integrity, and timeless values. His upbringing in the business world instilled in him the principles of open, honest, and conviction-driven communication.

With an authentic zest for life, a penchant for positivity, and an unwavering pursuit of personal success, Larry's journey includes the attainment of an MBA from Pepperdine University and the establishment and successful management of a boutique-style gym in Oak Park, CA since 2001. In 2011, Beachbody Corporate recognized Larry's exceptional talent and entrusted him to develop a national fitness certification for their renowned in-home fitness program, P90X. He not only created this certification but also adeptly oversaw its implementation and the training team behind it.

Larry is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, boasting over 19 years of experience within the health and fitness industry. His diverse roles as a gym proprietor, personal trainer, and nutrition and lifestyle advisor have endowed him with a wealth of knowledge. Larry's fervor for wellness is unwavering, and he firmly believes in a holistic approach to improving lives. He educates individuals on fitness and nutrition while inspiring transformative lifestyle changes.

This profound commitment and enthusiasm culminated in the establishment of Genesis Performance and Fitness, a health and wellness company that exists to empower people to lead their lives at their absolute best.

“I am a messenger who raises the vibration of human experience. I show people that physical shifts in the body and mindset, working together, create optimal human functioning.”~Larry

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Heather Fitzgerald
Kristen Davis
Larry Greene
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Our Philosophy

At Strategic Nutrition and Holistic Therapies, we are committed to a holistic approach to healthcare, focusing on identifying the root cause of health issues rather than just treating symptoms. Our philosophy is based on the belief that the body's systems are interconnected, and addressing lifestyle, nutrition, and overall well-being is essential for optimal health.

Nourishment is a core principle of our approach. We emphasize providing the body with essential elements to thrive physically and emotionally, including water, nutrients, sleep, exercise, and more. Each individual has unique nourishment needs, and we guide our clients in finding the right balance for their well-being.

In addition, we address the effects of aging on the body by identifying genetic, environmental, and hormonal vulnerabilities. Our goal is to empower clients to take proactive steps to protect their health and maintain abundant well-being.

At Strategic Nutrition and Holistic Therapies, we use cutting-edge diagnostics to gain valuable insights and create personalized treatment plans that restore natural balance and vitality. Our ultimate aim is to help our clients achieve a higher quality of life, free from the constraints of symptoms and aging, through a comprehensive and holistic approach to health and wellness.

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