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Conduct a comprehensive assessment of nutrient levels and toxic metal presence through a urinary excretion test. This evaluation encompasses toxic elements like mercury, lead, and arsenic. It's perfect for individuals concerned about toxic element exposure and potential nutrient/mineral depletion.


Completed conveniently at home over 24 hours, this urine collection test reveals your prolonged exposure levels to these toxic elements. Unlike blood tests that indicate recent exposure, this method offers insights into long-term exposure effects.


    • GENOVA DIAGNOSTIC’S™ Kit shipped to your home within 5-7 business days
    • 1-hour consultation with Heather Fitzgerald RD to review results
    • The results will be available within 7-10 days

    • allow 5 to 7 business days for kit to arrive

    • The results come in within 24 hours and will be emailed to you.

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